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Meet The Owner

Rach is the owner and founder of Six 28 Boutique; where we become your first go to store and always your second home. Six 28's mission is to supply the latest trends while providing adorability and diversity in all areas. Confidence and positive energy is the foundation of Six 28. We are here to empower young women to love themselves through every thread they wear.
February 14th, 2017 Rach opened her first store location in Orlando, FL, less than a mile away from her alumni college- University of Central Florida. Graduating only six months prior, she embarked on a journey as a young 22-year-old entrepreneur, opening her boutique doors to the public. Exactly one year later she has launched her online store; allowing others from all over to receive Six 28's love. Every critical decision and strategic approach she has taken with this company has been successful due to her love of change, growth, and taking risks. That is how the walls were built at Six 28 Boutique. 
"Take the risk, it may just be your calling."


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